Why students should learn a foreign language

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Do you want to visit different countries? Do you dream of working in a multicultural environment and are fond of interacting with people from different backgrounds? Or if none of this, are you passionate about learning about different countries and cultures?


It is good for your brain!

One sure way, you as a student, can achieve anyone or all of these goals is to learn a  foreign language. Learning a new language is not easy but it will surely stretch you in different ways. The more things you challenge your brain with, the more you are enhancing its powers of memory, of comprehension and cognition. So intellectually, it is very good for your brain and it keeps it energized and motivated. Students who know at least one foreign language score higher on aptitude tests as compared to other students.

It enhances self-confidence!

Addition of a foreign language to the list of languages you know, will provide you with confidence when you travel to a foreign country. You do not need to depend on other people for information, which you can ask yourself. You can also help people speaking that language who find themselves in difficulty when they come to your country.

It is an academic and career asset!

An additional non-native language is an asset both from the point of views of studies and careers. You can gain credits in your academic courses. Foreign languages are always an asset when it comes to career opportunities. It enhances your chances of going abroad and getting a good position.

You can become a better decision-decision maker!

Scientists say that bilingualism also helps in improving and enhancing your decision making skills. Thinking through in two languages can help you size up a situation better and make wiser and more rational choices.

Last but certainly not the least, your social life would be a big gainer. You would be able to have a wide circle of friends from different backgrounds whom you can learn a lot from and who can enrich your life.

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