Cookie Policy

Introducing cookies
Cookies refer to those text files that get stored on a computer every time you make a visit to a site online. These files adapt the website to a visitor’s needs, thus enriching the user experience at our website. By keeping you logged in for as long as you want, cookies make it more convenient for you to use the website in question.

You are at liberty to delete or manage cookies from your computer, if you don’t wish for us to collect and send cookies from your computer. However, by disabling them you may not be able to view our site as easily as before.

We use these cookies:
Session cookies: These are temporary files that remain stored on your computer till you close your browser. They help you recall your visit on the earlier page.

Persistent cookies: These cookies stay longer with you, in fact even after your browser is closed.

How we use our cookies: We use cookies to process our order forms. Once clients disable our cookies, our services will not be open to them.

Why we use cookies:
1. To bear in mind that we are making an online purchase
2. To bear in mind that a visitor has entered our website
3. To track whether a visitor to our site has used our online plagiarism checker
4. For better user experience
5. Offer visitors support and advice on our live chat service
6. Track your activity using Google Analytics

Third party use of cookies: We use cookies to fulfil a transaction made by a visitor for our product or service. No third party is ever given a client’s personal data if he or she is not involved in any of the stages of an order we receive.

Operating cookies: Once our cookies are disabled on your computer, we don’t assure you of the best functioning of our website. If you insist on blocking or restricting cookies, please use your settings for this.