Revision Policy

1. The client is entitled to free revisions, unless specified otherwise.

2. Free revisions will not be done if a request is received 10 days after the client gets the completed paper.

3. Free revisions will be made if there is no change in the instructions of the original order.

4. Only in the event that a writer assigned to a client does not do a satisfactory job will the request to have a revision done by another writer be entertained, even after three revisions.

5. Any legal dispute initiated by the client will be considered null and void if the writers have not been allowed to revise the essay a minimum of two times per order.

6. The minimum time for revisions is 12 hours, even for urgent orders.

7. Delay in handing over a revised version of the paper will not be grounds for a refund.

8. If the client initiates a dispute about the order amount or the amount paid, no revisions will be made.