Why students need to be well versed with HTML

On March 26th, 2015, Posted by Essayadmin 1 Comment

In the digital and technological era, it has become necessary for digital expertise and knowledge to be learnt and acquired from as young an age as possible. No studies these days are possible without use of apps and software, as well as projects involving websites and webpages. Hence, it has become a necessity for Computer Science students to understand and be confident with HTML. This can give them enormous power when they want to manage their website. By learning and acquiring a good grip over HTML, students can:

  • Be able to create quality webpages in a short amount of time , of their own design and with features of their own choice
  • The chances of your getting a high quality and functioning website increases
  • It helps them to get an excellent understanding of how websites function. HTML is the foundation of all web- based content. Understanding and learning HTML will help you deal with internet related content easily and effectively.
  • Even though there are great WYSIWYG editors in blogging and content creation/management platforms, using HTML gives greater amount of control and freedom to edit and to correct, to shape, structure and design the website in a personal and impactful way.


  • Regardless of the kind of field you are interested in developing your career in, understanding programming basics including website design and HTML coding will come in useful. It will never be a waste.
  • Pick up the language in just a few weeks’ time. Learning HTML is not difficult. All it needs is practice, practice and practice.
  • What they must learn is HTML, structure, code, headings, use of different tags to organise your text etc. There are many tags, some of which are very widely used and others, which are more rarely used but more powerful.

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