Social networking helps students in their academic life

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Social networking is here, there and everywhere. It is in your face. You can see it in use  in your offices and trains. It is an essential part of  life of college students too.


Educators and experts are now seeing the importance of social networking for students and how it can be a tool to help students engage better with their lessons. The use of social networking in teaching and learning can be of great help than a hindrance. In fact, if used creatively, social networking tools can really add to the energy and delight of a class.

Here are some reasons why social networking can be such a great tool for teachers.

Easy way to communicate

It provides an easy and efficient way to communicate between educators, students and between themselves.With terrific network speeds and coverage available, both on land and on mobile, it can be used within classrooms and on the move, during projects.

Enables shy students to express themselves

The advantage of social networking that it provides a way for shy and sensitive students to open up and express themselves, without having being forced to express themselves in front of people. It is thus an immensely liberating medium which provides freedom to different kinds of students to express their views. It also allows the traditional power barrier between educator and student to get minimised, thereby enabling better communication.

 A great place to exchange and search for information

The various social networking tools provides features which enables sharing and dissemination of information to a wide variety of people. Use of hashtags, for instance, can help students pick up on the latest information on certain issues. It enables you to directly converse and present your views to thought leaders in the specific areas of interest. It brings the world closer and that is certainly important if you want the students to be well aware

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