Why creativity starts young

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Creativity and creative thinking is what drives innovation and human progress and development. We have so many pioneers who by their ability to think in different directions and from different angles have revolutionised our ways of doing things.


Great scientists, explorers, thinkers, leaders, have brought about change through their thinking. Industry requires innovation, which, in turn, requires the ability to be creative. Having said that, can creativity be taught?

Different views on creativity

There are multiple views on this. A school of thought holds forth athat creative thinkng or the gift to think creatively is something inborn and genetic; it cannot be taught or imbibed. Another school of thought that the ability to think out of the box can be acquired through spcial courses in school and colleges. They think the world needs creative people who can be the problem solvers of the world. This habit can be instilled and nurtured from a very young age.

One of the most vital things in this regard is for parents and teachers to ensure that the social and learning environment is conducive to free expression by children. Usually, what happens Is that as the child grows older, social and familial pressures may interfere with the ability of the child to think in all possible directions and this may affect the creative potential.

The more rigid environment a child grows up, the more difficult it may be for him or her to develop thinking in a creative way. Hence, children should be allowed to nurture their curious, explorative sense of selves from as early as possible. They should be exposed to as many new learning experiences as possible so that their different skills and abilities develop along the way.

This will help their mind ot be open to the generation of new ideas. The more rigorously structure and excessively discipline a person, you are cutting down the chances for that person to be a “creative”. Educators, need to be especially careful that they use approaches in their teaching which invovles student participation and experimentation.

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