Why college-goers need to practice safe sex

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College life is one of the most enjoyable periods of life where you are getting to do so many things at a time, some of which you are probably exploring for the first time. This is that phase in a person’s life when they are coming to grips with their adulthood and independence.


Naturally, one of the most important things they look forward to is getting comfy with members of the opposite ( or same sex) and having relationships. Research has shown that currently, many young people in campus become sexually active for probably the first time in their lives.

The environment, lack of moral policing, and liberation from school mores may all contribute to this and thus, many young people may look forward to college. However, there are some pitfalls which students need to be aware of.

Don’t think that college is the place where you may end up finding the love of your life. You may or you may not and that is certainly not a reason for getting into temporary relationships and sexual encounters. Some alarming facts show that there are reasons for young people educating themselves about healthy sexual behaviour and relationships.

Studies show that many enter relationships or indiscriminate sexual acts, without sufficient knowledge and awareness. Their sexual experience in colleges can be poor, casual and secretive and improperly done.They are not aware of the consequences of uncontrolled sexual acts such as pregnancy , contraction of sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and AIDS and the importance of using contraceptives and FP methods. They may end up being burdened with the unnecessary weight of parenthood without having the capacity of bearing it. This can seriously cripple their academic dreams

Hence, it is very important for students to take up ownership and responsibility for their physical and emotional well being and safety, when they pursue relationships of a physical nature in college. Enjoy and allow your sexual maturity to occur in an appropriate way and after taking proper precautions and determining the consequences of acts in advance. This would save you and your partners from unnecessary stress and turmoil.

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