What personality styles you may encounter during your college life

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College life is fun. It is exciting and challenging. More importantly, you are going to be explosed to different kinds of people and different views. It can be stressful, if you are coming from a sheltered and unexposed environment.


There are multiple kinds of personalities

But if you know that there are different kinds of personalities you are going to engage with in your daily life it may make your job easier- it may help you to be a little more prepared for dealing with people and situations.Also, when you read about different personality styles, you may also understand more about how and why you behave in certain ways, in certain situations. It may help you to modify and adapt yourself in those situations better.

Understanding personality styles and their associated learning styles can help you in your studies too.

Psychologists and other experts have developed ways of understanding different personalities and behaviours by coming out with a list of their personality styles. The Myers- Briggs Measurement Scale is used to predict the mixture of personalities based on the following attributes. Different peopple will shows these attributes to different extents. Some attributes are dominant than others and that will determine the personality of the person. The indicator came about as a result of resarch by two scientists Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs to understand the differences in human personalities. They identified four personality ranges.


Introverts are people who tend to remain within themselves and like their own world; they do not engage with the outside world to a great extent. They need to reflect and engage in thinking and contemplation for a long time. They derive their energy from within the world. They tend to be good observors. They tend to speak on matter after giving a great deal of thought. They love reading and writing and prefer writing as compared to speaking.

Extraverts on the other hand, love communicating with the outside world. They are gregarious personalities. They love action and hence are suited for phyical activities as well as involving movement.

Sensing Intuitive

Personalities are classified here on the basis of the way they take in information. Some people are of sensing nature. They see things based on what they can physically sense through their senses. They are conventional type of people; are organised and prefer structure. They prefer known contexts and are not great at adapting to changes. Intuitive people use their intuition to perceive happenings in the environemnt and responses to it, able to generate the big picture from what they see and they anticipate; are often the visionaries. They are the inventors and the creators.

Thinking Feeling

The thinking people decide their actions after thinking it out and on the basis of logic and consequences of that act. The people who are predominantly feeling base their actions on the basis of what people would feel and how it would impact them.

Perceiving Judging

Some people are very spontaneous and need to take time on their decision making. They cannot be forced into making decisions. They do not depend on plans and make their decisions on what they feel right. Judging people are those who stick to plans and finish them according to that. They like finishing things on time. Organisation and structure appeals to them.

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