Terrific smart-phones to aid your student life

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If you ask any student or a teenager, what is their most precious and valuable possession in the world, it is a cinch that 99% of them would reply with smart phones. The usage of smart phones has increased prolifically over times.


As per a Pew report on mobile phone usage, 87-83 % of students possess a cell phone. With so many brands in the market, fighting it out for the top spot in the mobile phone rankings, how can students know which is the best one to buy and use, which is reliable and does not go too heavy on their pockets?

Here are some pointers which may help you choose the right kind of smart phone which will meet your student life needs. At the very minimum, your smart phone should provide the kind of features which are needed for you for your daily activities. This includes:texting, messages, video, social networking and is easy to use. It should also contain sufficient space for you to store your data.

Samsung 5 rocks

One of the best smartphones is Samsung 5. It is easy to use, is based on the very popular Android Jellybean system and has a large screen (a 5.1 inch display). In addition, it also has a  HD screen, which means: high resolution screen. Those who love watching quality videos on their phone would love to use this.

The camera is also 16 Megapixel and can produce terrific images. It has security measures which prevents unauthorised access to your phone. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and comes with 1 GB RAM. It has 8GB of internal storage. Its features ensure that all work using apps, can be carried out efficiently.

iPhone5 is fancy but expensive

Apple’s iPhone 5 is the phone of choice for those who are fanatic devotees of Apple products and whose budget can pay for this expensive phone. The typical iPhone with numerous apps with some improved functionality including a security aspect to the touch screen, better camera functioning and adaptability to the light.

This phone is considered to be much more efficient and faster as compared to the previous models. Buy an iPhone only if you can afford this pricey phone; a sensible suggestion would be to go for an Android which offers excellent quality at a lower price.

Google Nexus is an outstanding phone

Another very interesting possibility is the Google Nexus. This phone can be pretty useful for college studentsIT has terrific display which enables watching youtubes at ease; great processing speed, is built on the Android kit kat system and has a 8 megapixel camera. The kit kat system confers it with a lot of speed. This maybe the phone of choice for students who want to get their information fast.

If you want something interesting, intriguing and out of the way, you can go for Windows Phone. Currently you can purchase Windows phone on Nokia and HTC. It has its unique tiled interactive surface and is stylish. IT provides all features which are necessary in a smartphone with the benefits of the Microsoft windows . Skydrive comes installed with it.

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