Skills that college students need to be successful entrepreneurs

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The trend in today’s working world is towards developing an  entrepreneurial spirit and being independent. People are preferring to work on their own rather than work for a company. In that light, it is good that business and entrepreneurship skills be taught to students, from an early age onwards. Students can pick up many of these important attributes when they take up engineering programs or other programs which are required to have a career in the business world.


Technical knowledge

Students have to be aware of the technical details related to the industry they want to join after their education. They should have full grasp of the technology in these sectors, so that they can visualise their business and talk about it,as well as get ideas on how to make it function better. Lack of technical knowledge can severely hamper your efforts at creating and running a business.

Public relations and customer service

As running a business/service is about offering something of value to a business, these skills are very important to acquire, if a student is serious about a career in the business world. You need to be able to deal with customers and their issues and need to always keep the customer interest in mind, when designing changes and improvement in the business structure and function.

Social-economical values

One of the most important attributes of businesses these days is the notion of corporate social responsibility. And the earlier it is taught to the future generation of business leaders, the better. Students can pick up these values by taking part in programs which teaches the importance of these values. A business has to take care that it does not disrupt environmental and social values; rather, it should be seen to be adding values to a business.


Last but not the least, is the necessity for developing risk taking and entreprenuerial skills. This is a must for businesses in the highly competitive world.

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