Self management skills

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Self Management SkillsSelf management skills- A must have crucial skill for all job seekers

We have heard the word “self-management” everywhere in all aspects. We hear parents, experts and psychologists talking about the importance of self management in our lives, especially when we are looking for a job. Self management skills are equally important for students who are studying to get a degree or doing their post graduation. For them, their entire career depends on how well they manage their time.

The importance of self-management in companies and for employers can be highlighted in the results of a survey conducted by on the prevailing skill set of current students and future employees. 61% of employers expressed dissatisfaction in the level of self management skills exhibited by school leavers, a cause to worry.  This is because the businesses expected to have the level of leadership and management requirements of candidates, increase over the next few years.

Employers count high degree of self awareness and self management amongst the competencies which graduating students must possess as per the IREG conference. Managing your self is the way to managing others!

In this light, it is important for candidates to understand what is self-management and what are the essential traits which contribute to it. Self management refers to the ability of an individual to take responsibility for his or her growth, learning, development etc. Self management skills ensure that you are able to handle conflicts and changes, and adapt yourself to the changing requirements of the work place. This is the reality of working in the stressful corporate world.

Some of the things which you as a potential job seeker or a future employee can do  in honing your abilities in this direction are:

1. Have a healthy positive attitude towards your work, colleagues and employers. Take criticism smoothly.

2. Take steps to translate feedback into results in your performance management. Do not wait for your superiors to show you the way. Show that you can and are able to do this yourself.

3. Try and contribute to idea generation. Use your creativity to improve the quality of your work, your working style and performance and inspire others.

4.  Instead of waiting for opportunities, create your own opportunities.

5.  Enhance skills and abilities which will help you to be a better team player and worker. Go for volunteering. Take up new challenges.

So, take charge of yourself and soon you will be leading the brigade in your company.