Problems experienced by students during life transitions

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Transitions in life can be quite difficult for young people, especially if they are of a sensitive kind.


There will be times in life when there would be a radical shift from an old way of life to a new way of life.Migrating from one country to another can cause one such difficult transition.Students will experience transitions at different levels: when they move from primary school to college and from college to the working world.

The in-between times!

However, the most important stage would be that between school and college.This is because students are experiencing many changes at this critical time.They are psychologically and physically maturing; they are also experiencing situational change: change in context and change in the peer group.Thus, they need more emotional and practical advice and guidance at this stage, both from their parents and their educators.

Open the gates of communication!

One way for parents to help out in this, is by ensuring that the channels of communication remain open at all times.Parents can always learn to be responsive and available at all times for their children to ask, talk, discuss, and share.As a parent, you can talk to the future student  about the importance of college education and what they would expect to face and share your own experiences in college with them.

Offer support!

When students feel that their parents are there to shoulder their burden, they would feel more confident to tackle the fears and doubts within them.They can also consult them on how best to manage issues such as selection of roommate, managing conflicts, the kind of activities you may like to try out as well as provide guidance on interpersonal relationships; time management as well as about part-time jobs on the campus. There are many issues on which the benefit of educators and parents would certainly help students in better managing transitions.

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