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planning and surveying assignment help

Planners work in a variety of settings, both rural and urban. They are concerned with town planning, policy planning, urban design, environmental planning, development management as well as the heritage and conservation. Our planning and surveying assignment help provides reliable and timely assistance to students struggling with their course.

Career Prospects

In the UK, if you desire to be a town planner you need to have a degree accredited by Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). You also need an Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) certification for at least 2 years of experience.

Graduate Courses in Planning & Surveying

There are a number of graduate courses available, which are accredited by (Royal Institution of chartered Surveyors) RICS

Planning and development;

Building surveying;

Property development;

Estate management;

Real Estate.

Job Description of a Planning and Surveying Professional

Planning and Surveying professionals provide expert advice in all areas of planning and development spanning both public and the private domains. After surveying complex factors like environment, social and economic; they facilitate their clients with needed information so that they can make informed choices.

This informed opinion assumes vital significance, especially if the funds are coming citizens; they need to be informed how those funds are going to be utilized.

Candidates hoping to get a job in this field need to demonstrate the following skills:

  1. Very good analytical and numerical skills.
  2. Good communication, negotiation, networking and presentation skills.
  3. Strong writing skills, the candidate must also be good at report-writing.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and a keen interest in legal matters, procedures, and policy.
  5. Have a creative and innovative approach towards problem-solving.
  6. Proficient enough to carry out development appraisals completely, thoroughly and do it keeping in mind the cost efficiency.
  7. Have a very good commercial understanding and awareness in the field of property.

A typical daily work activity in Planning and Surveying consist listed below:

  1. Get access to land and property requirements as well as traffic & Infrastructure.
  2. Manage a lead role in the execution of projects, right from the planning to completion.
  3. Identify new opportunities by doing research & networking with a large number of people.
  4. Check out data from various sources and interpret it.
  5. Coming up with competitive proposals.
  6. Giving advice to clients on the availability of finance and permission for planning.
  7. Making of applications for getting planning permission
  8. Ensuring that clients comply with legislations.
  9. Show very good managing and entrepreneurial skills to make sure that the project is handled perfectly and successfully.
  10. Awareness of the physical, social and environmental impact of proposed development.
  11. Make sure that historically and environmentally significant sites are maintained.
  12. Promoting the fact that – proper land management and effective administration are the significant factors behind the development.

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