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Nursing assignment help

Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the present day world. Modern day nursing was pioneered by Florence Nightingale also known as ‘The Lady with a Lamp’. Nursing has come a long way ever since. Assignments in Nursing can be at various levels and if you are not confident of writing these assignments on your own, you can always turn to our professional “Nursing assignment help” service.

Choices with regards to degree in Nursing

Practicing nurses with a license can also upgrade their profile with a degree in Nursing. To work for National Health Service (NHS), you need a qualification which helps you to register with Nursing and Midwifery Council.

You may choose to specialise in the following 4 disciplines:

  1. Adults: You will be dealing with adults who will be suffering from a wide range of diseases, like heart disease, they could also be victims of accidents, pneumonia, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or even cancer. Some of these diseases can be long-term and some diseases may not even have an exact cure. You will be taught how to deal with these patients and provide them the treatment they need. It could either be in hospital settings or you may have to work independently – although you will actually have a whole team with you.
  1. Children: You will be working with children of all ages, starting from new-born babies to toddlers and even teenagers. You will be trained to be sensitive to their needs. The main thing about working with very small kids is that they will not be able to communicate their needs. You will actually be a point of communication between the child and the medical team as well as the parents. You will also be training the parents about health care and how a child needs to be taken care of in the specific situation. You will be working in the public hospitals, but in case of accidents or emergencies you may have to work in a day care center or even the patient’s home.
  1. Learning Disabilities: You will be dealing with children with learning disabilities. They find it harder to work, communicate, and learn due to varying levels of difficulty they experience. You will be trained to help them be as physically well as possible and try to go about their daily life by managing their tasks independently and do not depend on others as much as that’s possible. Your will get your work experience in people’s homes, adult education, schools, workplaces and community centers. You can be part of a multi-specialty team which consists of social workers, teachers, police, prison service, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  1. Mental Health: Many people in the UK, at some time point of time, have been diagnosed with a mental illness, whether temporary or permanent. This could be a result of divorce, death of a loved one, drug abuse, changes in work environment, stress or loss of job, and lastly mental illness affecting the person since birth. You will be trained about the various theories in mental illnesses and be able to develop a rapport with the patient and his parents and care takers. You will help the patient have more control over their condition and help their recovery by gradually involving them in social activities.

Although, you may be specialising in any one the above 4 programs, however you will be provided basic training in nursing which would enable you to have all the skills required to handle various types of emergency situations which nurses usually face.

You will receive class in theory as well as work in hospitals as part of your practical on the field experience. These classes will also include various practical assignments in NHS settings.

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