Music is a great way of relaxation for busy students

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Life is full of challenges. Meeting your academic requirements, socialising, building your relationships and getting good marks can require a lot of time, effort and energy.The stress can make even the most determined student helpless. Without proper ways to relax and get  control on the cascading thoughts, stress may build up and lead to unpleasant symptoms.


While there are many unhealthy ways of relieving stress, why not opt for a healthy way of stress relief, which would cater to all your various moods and bring you relief, joy and help in  getting that angst out of the system. This is done so by either creating music or listening to it.

Listening to music

Music is one of the best ways to help reduce tension and relieve stress. Creating and listening to music are experiences which channelize your energy and can create different feelings in you.

Classical music is very relaxing and listening to it can help you get soothed more easily. This kiond of music has a slow –down effect on the stress hormones in the body, as a result our heart beats slows, pulse slows, blood pressure reduces. We feel more at calm and at peace.

If we are feeling listless and apathetic, a great way of getting the zing back is to listen to pulsating music like samba music, trance music. Meditative music helps in the creation of alphabrain waves, which are the waves generated in the brain of a resting and non-stressed person. Listening to music for 45 mins, will help a person to sleep. Thus, music is an excellent stress reduction tool.

Creating music

If you rather be a creator, you are an innovator at heart, a restless blithe spirit, then this is an excellent way of getting that stress from your body. There are various ways of creating music and harmony and you do not need to buy expensive equipment for that. If you are brimming with raw energy, then drumming may be a good way of getting that energy used in a proper way.

One of the best things you need to know about drumming is that you do not need to know any particular technique to drum. All that you need to do is to drum vigorously, passionately and with love. Drumming is universal. No culture since early man has been without the use of drums in their musical heritage.

Drumming also has health and medical benefits. Not only does it energizes you, it is also believed to be useful for those who are suffering from brain injuries, arthritis etc.

Drumming increases your immune power and reduces stress by helping lower your stress and blood pressure hormones. It is also very meditative in nature and at its height can induce a meditative state. It can help enhance creativity by allowing both sides of the brain to be used equally in the task.

For those who like playing with stringed instruments, even learning to play a violin or piano and can give you total pleasure. The very act of creating music is therapeutic though it is hard work. It builds your concentration and focus.

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