Music and Performing Arts

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Music and Performing arts assignment help

The term ‘Music & Performing Arts’ encompasses many of the arts which are performed before an audience. It includes, Music, Theatre, Opera, Pantomime (musical comedy), Drama, Juggling, Dance, Juggling, Mime, Circus and Standup Comedy.

Career in Music and Performing Arts

There is a myriad of opportunities in the field of music and performing arts for students who want to showcase their talents to the world. One can infact choose the stage or backstage according to preference. There are a lot of opportunities in the field of cinema, television, singing, music etc.

One can choose from a variety of careers as listed below:

  • Acting: One can choose to be an actor for TV and even cinema, according to one’s looks and talent. Yes, looks do matter when it comes to acting. It might help, if one has a portfolio made while still studying in college. Taking up part time modelling assignments to build up that portfolio will also help.
  • Singing : Singing is also a very exciting career. Like other careers, it requires time and hard work before your effort really pays off. Although singer get pleasure by the very act of singing – it is always better to get paid while you do what you love to do.
  • Music Composer: If you are not so comfortable singing, you may also opt for a behind the scenes role in the capacity of a songwriter, lyricist, TV/film soundtrack writer, orchestrator, jingle writer and musical arranger.
  • Instrumentalist: You can choose an instrumentalist also; you could be a DJ or part of the music troupe. You need to be proficient in a musical instrument. Apart from that you need professional training to understand all about music.
  • Sound Editing : This is again a technical role. One can opt to be a music producer, sound engineer, sound designer, studio manager, programmer or music editor.
  • Management: If you neither prefer performing in the limelight nor are you comfortable working in the backdrop as part of the technical crew, then you can take up management as career. After all, good performances in drama and music don’t happen by themselves. Events like Music, drama, comedy, singing, opera etc need someone to organise them and do so successfully. There needs to be a person who gets the act together, who motivates the people concerned to make the event happen in the first place. The Manager brings to audience and artists together. He is responsible for booking of venues, getting the proper funding, and generating public interest via effective advertising. He is the one responsible for making an event successful.
  • Live Events: Live events include concert tours, comedy shows, sporting events (F1 & other racing events) and corporate events (Eg: Harley Davidson Bike Show, Mercedes Benz Car Launches) etc.
  • Teaching Music: You can also opt for a teaching career. You could teach music to students either privately or join a school as music teacher.

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