Middle Eastern and North African Studies

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Middle eastern and north african studies

Studies about the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) help the student to gain a clear understanding about the middle east countries like the Arab world, Turkey, Egypt, Israel. They get to know about their culture, political situation, relations with other countries, history, art and architecture, their languages etc.  Students are also taught subjects like arts and literature, mass media, politics, digital cultures, migration, literature, and also religious movements. They also get to study middle eastern languages like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew or Turkish depending on their choice – so that they can gain a deeper understanding of these countries and their different cultures.

Careers in Middle Eastern and African Studies

The study of MENA region gives the student an in-depth knowledge which helps then to think critically and creatively about life and culture in the Middle East. There is a variety of careers awaiting graduates in this field. They can enter journalism, media, social and cultural organizations, human rights, law, government bodies etc.

Career in Human Rights Organizations: One can find a job in human rights related organizations, which can be very challenging.

  • This can involve a lot of traveling and field work in war affected areas.
  • The human rights violations, if found – must be reported via the mainstream media.
  • Continued use of violence in war-zones to be stopped and efforts for a ceasefire needs to be stepped up.
  • Gender Discrimination, Racism and the obvious need for reforms in the public sector – must be addressed.
  • Rule of Law, Justice and Accountability must be maintained.

Impact of MENA Region on rest of the world

There are a lot of events and changes taking place in the MENA region. Some events in the MENA region definitely have an impact on oil prices thus affecting   the rest of the world and its economy. This could be wars, internal conflicts between these states or even a civil war like situation – recently witnessed by the world and termed as ‘Arab Spring’.

Study of language like Arabic as part of the course opens you up a world of opportunity. Arabic is the official language of 26 countries. 300 million people speak Arabic. Given the quick succession of dramatic events happening in the Arab world, there is no better time as now to get into the middle of all the action.

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