Librarianship and Information Management

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librarianship and information management

Library management is all about managing of information. It may not be limited to a library of books alone; it can also include the managing of a digital library. The job title can also be Information Scientist or Information Manager.

Work of a Librarian

As discussed earlier, librarians have to manage a vast collection of books as well as online resources. Their work can also involve maintenance of archives owned by a family, company, university etc. Librarians obviously come face to face with a lot of people during the course of their daily job. Hence, their role is not just bookkeeping and maintenance, but also providing those users with access to that information. Therefore, they must also keep the catalogs up-to-date and easily accessible to the users or members of the library.

Careers in Librarianship and Information Management

Students opting for a career in the field of Librarianship and Information Management will have to demonstrate the following skills:

  • They must have good communication and presentation skills. This is because they come into contact with a large number of people. Apart from communication skills, they must have managerial and organizational skills.
  • The world is changing, traditional libraries are going digital. Librarians need to update themselves technologically; they must know about internet, databases & web editing. If they haven’t already done so, they need upgrade their computer skills.
  • They must be flexible. In the present age, a lot of importance is given to electronic or e-learning. So they must be able to adapt to the change.
  • The work environment can be demanding and cause a lot of work pressure, they need to take it in their stride.

Assignment Help in Librarianship and Information Management

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