Interesting part-time jobs for girls in colleges

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Are you a young female student who has just entered college and looking for some interesting avenues for making some income? Well, there are many interesting openings around which may fit your talent and your interest.


In addition, there are some which you can try out for a lark; who knows, you may end up getting some very valuable experience and life skills. So check out these opportunities.

Restaurant/Coffee shop helper

If you enjoy meeting people, and would love to pick up some wonderful and valuable PR skills in a fun away, you can always try out your hand at working as a coffee shop/restaurent helper. It is challenging because it needs commitment to serve people with sincerity and without keeping them waiting. You can also get your tips immediately and do not need to wait for the end of the week.The other advantage is that you can work in such a way that it does not clash with your school schedules

Work as a part-time model

If you are into fitness and keeping yourself fit and good as well as you are blessed with reasonable good looks, you can venture into part-time modelling. These can provide you plenty of funds for your college life. You can even venture into acting, in dramas and skits, if you have the talent and the experience for it. You can gain both popularity as well as some extra much needed cash on the sidelines.

Try out online job sites

If you specifically are looking for job posts, tailored for students, there are online job sites , just for people like you, which you can try out. You can post your resume with the specifics of the kind of post and experience you are looking forward to having.


If you have exceptional writing skills and you love writing, why not try writing and blogging for companies and brands? There is a big demand for freelance writers and bloggers.

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