Inspirational must read books for students

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College and reading are synonymous.  You just cannot have education and classes without reading.  This can be boring and tedious for those who are not great book lovers.  But believe me, when I say that books are needed in certain amounts. It not only adds to the vocabulary and the ay you construct your language, it also exposes your eyes to new things. Even if you hate books, there are  some which must be on the must read category of  all students, even those who hate reading?

Let us take a trip of some wonderful books which would surely enthuse you and inspire you to stick to your goals, fulfil your aims and provides some answers to life’s deepest problems.

This side of paradise by F.Scott Fitzgerald

This is a very eye –opening into the realities of college and student life. Many  students when they exit college, enter with many kinds of roseate-coloured expectations.  They think that because they have the degrees and the qualifications, it is enough for them to They think they will find it easy but it is only when they experience it, that they realise how challenging it can be. This book rells about the disillusionment suffered by a student from a prestigious ivy league college on graduation, when he enters the work force. This book will really be an enlightening read for students and would help them prepare for the onus of faving real life challenges when they come out of the comforting cradle that university is.

1984- George Orwell

This book by the author of the “Animal Farm” will test you on issues about indioviduality and being part of the system. When students go out into real life, among the severest tests they are going to face, is to decide between following their own ideals and priniciples and following what the system and its upholders want you to do. This can be a real test of yourself and your values and hence this book is a must-read as it gives perspectives on this.

The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle

Many students may find themselves suffering from fears, self-consciousness, lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence.  If so they might find the books of teacher-philosopher of positive thinking, Exckhart Tolle helpful.

Steve Jobs

For those of you , who aspire to be entrepreneurs and blazing  a track in the big business arena, the biography of Steve Jobs may be essential. It shed light on the way Jobs founded Apple and led it to achieve the position that it maintains in the world of information technology today. Jobs’ ruthlessness and single-mindedness on quality  of the product and process standards and devotion to ensuring Apple’s name as one of the iconic companies in the world is legendary.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez- One hundred years of solitude

Last but not the least; one of the greatest books in the world, which enlightens one about loneliness and the need for companionship; as well as helps you to understand and appreciate the strength which a family provides. Students who are struggling with balance in their relationships as well as conflicts in their family may find this useful.

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