How students can enhance their assertiveness

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Whether at school or college, students will experience conflicts at different levels. Assertiveness is a very important skill, which will helps students prepare them for challenges in later life.


Many students lack assertiveness owing to various reasons such as being too shy or having had a difficult childhood. Being a victim of harassment and bullying can also lead a student to lose their self respect and hence become unassertive. Another reason why many find it difficult being assertive is that they confuse being assertive with being aggressive; they feel that standing up for themselves is not fitting or in excess. But this attitude is wrong.

Assertiveness is a must if you want to live and thrive in the world today. If students do not take steps about improving their assertiveness, they will find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships in the world, they may be taken advantage of and they may continue to suffer from low self-esteem. They will suffer in their personal and professional relationships. So what are some of the things, which students can do about enhancing their self esteem.

Respect yourself

Assertiveness is basically about respecting yourself, first and foremost. Never be afraid of standing up for yourself even when you are in a conflict with people older than you. Standing up for yourself means speaking for yourself and expressing your views in a way, which keeps your interest in the front while at the same time being respectful of others. Express yourself openly, in a straightforward manner, and come straight to the point. Use of polite language implies that you are in full control of yourself. Even if the other person responds aggressively, you need to keep your calm and stick to the point.

Join public speaking clubs

Another great way to build confidence and assertiveness is to put you in situations where self-confidence and leadership is needed. For example, you are giving speeches in front of strangers and you are putting forth your views, in a way, which conveys your point without getting personal at others.

Refuse to allow others to dominate you

Assert your rights to your own self, and your way of thinking and living by explicitly stating this at all times. Do not allow others to impose on you with their own world view, their own opinions and views of how things should be done.

Say No

Do not accept unreasonable requests. Put your foot firmly down when someone imposes requests or demands, which are beyond your limit. It is perfectly fine to do what you are able to do and not do what others want you to do. Learning to judge when to say yes and when to say no can reduce a lot of stress. Assertiveness begins with a healthy understanding of this.

Use assertive body language

When speaking, it is very important to display that confidence in your body language and gestures. Use appropriately confident body language gestures

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