How students can better manage stress in their lives

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Feeling stressed about how to cope with new changes ahead?

Stress not. Stress is normal and natural.


Transition to college life can be a nerve-wracking and heart-wracking experience for some. There are many kind of pressures you have to face in your new life- the challenges of academics and assignments, the loneliness on account of staying away from home,  the interactions with different set of people from different background and the yearning for relationships, are just some of the things which may take you by surprise and leave you unprepared. Here are some ways to make it easy for you to manage those emotional times and trauma you may experience at various points.

Recognise your triggers!

One thing which can help you better deal with your stress is to understand the source of it. What is it, that is making you so vulnerable to worry and tension? To do this, you need to know that there are two kinds of stressors: Internal and External.

External stressors are triggers that come from your environment- they can be other people, environment, happenings, events which you are not responsible for directly and outcome of events such as exams.

Internal stressors can be self-created stressors such as perfectionism, high expectations, low self-esteem, negative thoughts.  By identifying the kind of stressor/trigger, you can learn to handle your responses and manage them accordingly. This can be aided by practising reflection and meditation, which helps you to focus on your thoughts. By controlling your responses to your thoughts, you can go a great way in reducing stress.

One more thing which many people fail to remember is that stress in healthy doses is healthy. It is okay to feel bad or angry and upset at something. It is necessary to throw it out of the system.  In little doses it is fine. But if you feel that it is beyond control, than it is advisable to consult a counsellor.

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