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hospitality assignment writing service

Hospitality is the relation between the guest and the host. Hospitality is something which goes back to our cultural roots where guests have to be treated well and looked after. In the modern era, hospitality in itself is a huge industry and, in fact, some countries depend on tourism and hospitality for their economic growth. Our Hospitality assignment writing service has covered topics right from catering, travel and entertainment of guests.

Hospitality management is a study of the hospitality industry. The degree by the respective college may be in Hospitality Management which is also referred to as hotel Management or Hotel Administration. The degrees awarded are BA, BBA, BS, MBA and PhD.

Experience Matters

In the field of hospitality experience is what matters. Your ability to perform on-the-job is what matters irrespective of the degree. You can learn new skills in your area of specialization from your colleagues and this will add value to your CV. For e.g., if you want to be a corporate chef in a luxury hotel, obviously nobody will see ask your degree. They will, in fact, see your food trial and appoint you only if the taste is satisfactory. What matters that you prepare excellent food and this only comes with experience.

Career Prospects in Hospitality

A hospitality graduate can land himself the below jobs, which directly relate to his degree or specialization.

Accommodation manager

They may work as accommodation manager in care homes, convention centers, housing associations, hotels, youth hostels etc. They are responsible for keeping the accommodation clean. They also make sure that everything is in working order and will initiate repairs if any. They also carry out maintenance work within the confines of a budget.

Catering manager

Catering manager takes care of the food and beverage services of the establishment. It can be a hotel, company, hospital, prison, college or university. They take care of the food as well as health and hygiene and make sure that the customers are satisfied. The also supervise their staff; if it is a cruise ship, then they coordinate with the managers getting things done efficiently.

Event Organiser

An event Manager sees the event from start to conclusion. It includes events like fairs and exhibitions, festivals, product promotions, social or charity event. They either work for private, public, NGOs or even as freelancer etc. They must possess the qualities to work with a team and be willing to work extra hours if required.

Fast food restaurant manager

A fast food manager is actually like a commercial business manager. He is responsible for the economic success of a restaurant. He must make sure that food served to customers is of a very high quality. He must look after a wide range of disciplines like marketing, promotions, sales, operations, accounts and human resources.

Hotel manager

A hotel manager is responsible for daily management of a hotel and its staff. He takes care of budgeting and planning, he manages the front office, he takes care of food and beverage section as well as housekeeping. He must see to it that the services provided by the hotel staff and of a high level and meet customer expectations. In bigger hotels, a hotel manager’s role may be limited to specific duties like guest handling, accounting and marketing.

Public house manager

A public house manager is responsible for the commercial success of the pub or bar. He takes care of front-of-house work, accounting, marketing, recruitment of staff, accounts, controlling of stock etc. He will need good managerial and people managing skills. He is also responsible for  maintenance of pleasant atmosphere and imposition of rules and regulations in the bar.

Restaurant manager

A restaurant manager is responsible for the profitable running of a restaurant while maintaining its reputation. They must coordinate with the team in all the activities; they should see to it that the food standards are not compromised and safety & hygiene are maintained. Organization of shifts, planning of festival menus, and setting of budgets in coordination with the senior management, is also taken care of.

Hospitality Assignment Writing Service

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