Great exercise tips for students in college

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If you think that a college student does not need to exercise when they are in college, you are mistaken. Physical activities especially games and exercises are necessary for all students. It helps keep them physically and mentally healthy and provides energy for all their activities. So, when you join a college, exercise has to be one of your top priorities. We often get approached by students who need help with their assignments and claim they don’t have time for assignments because of all other kinds of commitments. The truth is, they don’t get enough time for anything because of mismanaging their time.


However, when you are carrying out your exercises, it is good to remember certain things which may help you to benefit more from the exercise.

Have regular exercise

Ensure that your exercise regimen is regular and consistent; otherwise all fitness regimens would fail. The key is not to do tough exercises at irregular intervals; the key is to do moderate exercises, regularly for short durations. This will help build up endurance. Exercising regularly will improve your sleep, help you feel more energetic and fresh. You will be able to do more justice to your classes. And you don’t even need to spend a lot of time on that—a couple of hours every week would do the trick.

Do simple and effective exercises

Don’t splurge by spending on expensive exercise programs.You don’t need to buy fancy gym equipment or go to a hi-tech gym to fulfil your exercise regimen. Simple exercises are quite good. Walking, cycling, running, jogging, swimming are some of the best exercises which are easily available for most students. All you need is a running area near your hostel or a pool.

Mix and match your exercises

Mix and match your exercises so that it helps to benefit you. You can mix strength training, interval training and cardiac/aerobic exercise in your two-and-half-hour exercise regimen.

Exercise can be fun

You can increase the fun aspect of the exercise by asking your friends to join you for a fun dancing session or jogging and walking groups. Have fun, socialise and exercise: this will keep you fit and happy for the rest of your college life.

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