Food Science

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Food Science is a multidisciplinary subject involving the study of food. Sciences like microbiology and chemistry are studied in relation to the production of nutritious food, safety and preservation of food, and also how different constituents combine to produce food. Our Food Science Assignment Help arm has written several assignments on the subject.

The Importance of Food Safety

A lot of importance is being given to food safety these days. Some products like noodles have been found to contain excess chemicals which are harmful for human consumption. Food science also involves testing food products and determining whether they are fit for consumption or not. This is carried out in food research institutes.

Food Science & Food Preservation

This is another important aspect of food science. Fruits, vegetables, and other food items must be packaged scientifically for longevity. Perishable and non-perishable foods must be packaged accordingly, the expiry dates must be determined – all these come under the purview of food science. Thus, food science graduates have a lot of prospects, especially in the food industry.

Branches of Food Science

Food Chemistry: It is the study of interaction between the chemical and biological components of food. This also involves how certain foods change color (E.g. apple) and how this can be prevented. Certain chemical processed can be enhanced like fermentation (by artificial introduction of micro-organisms)

Food Physical Chemistry: This is concerned with the physical as well as chemical interactions of foods. This is about the conversions or reactions that take place during the manufacture, handling and transport of food items.

Food Engineering: This is a field which unites science, microbiology and engineering studies for food industries. They provide the technical know-how for manufacture of food items, by eliminating unnecessary costs.

Food Microbiology: Here, we learn about the micro-organisms present in food which help create or contaminate food items.

Food Packaging: This is another important branch of food science, which deals with the effective packaging of food materials. The package must also contain nutritional facts about the food inside.

Food Substitution: It is nothing but the substitution of a regular meal with a food bar or energy drink which offers the same nutrient value.

Food Technology: It is a study of processes that go into the making of foods.

Careers Options in Food Science

Food Science graduates can opt for careers in food industries as a nutritionist, dietician, production manager (in the food industry), consumer organizations as well as research institutes.

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