Follow these simple tips to overcome shyness

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Getting jittery when facing a huge crowd? Feel embarrassed when someone calls out your name?


These and others are just symptom of a worldwide behaviour which can be painful for many to experience. Shyness is an age-old behaviour and yet it can be debilitating for some young people.

For shy people, shyness is simply a way of protecting themselves from the hurts of the world but in the outside world, it can be seen to be a negative attitude in the work place. It can also lead to the image of a socially awkward person; this can be very damaging for the person’s relationships. So what can you do about your shyness?

Knowing that student life is going to require being expressive and communicative at many occasions, is not a cheering idea. But if you follow certain suggestions, you can certainly not allow it to stop you from making your mark.

Understand the reason behind your shyness

Sometimes, there may be hidden reasons which are making it difficult for you to open  yourself up to the world. You need to get in touch with yourself to find out what these reasons could be and work on them.

They may have a positive effect on your shyness. Some possible causes for shyness could be low self-esteem resulting from a low self-image. This could have happened as a result of bullying at home or at school, health issues such as possessing overweight, being considered different from people around etc.

This can also result due to unhealthy self-obsession with one’s image, to the point that you constantly tell yourself negative messages.You got to change this pattern. Attack those negtive self beliefs and challenge the way you visualise yourself. You have got to develop the confidence and develop positive messaging.

Take part in activities

You can take part in activities which will help build your self –image and self-esteem. When you take up challenging activities which stretches you to a reasonable extent, you get the motivation and confidence.

You slowly start respecting yourself and dropping off that shroud of shyness. Developing self-confidence will ensure that you do not feel hurt or violated by someone’s critical/rude or obnoxious comments.

Joining public speaking clubs is a great way to reduce, lessen and ultimately get rid of shyness. Clubs such as Toastmasters’ offer a cosy and secure way of playing out your insecurities and destroying them in front of the public.

Practice talking

To get rid of self-consciousness, try to take whatever opportunities you get to interact with different people, no matter who they may be. It could be a small hello-how are you session at a shop or with a stranger.

A warm spontaneous smile can do the trick. Get every chance to open up. You do not need to be verbose. It can be as simple as a greeting or a question. Most people are open to give help when requested politely. Show appreciation for someone doing a good act and that will be a way to build bridges and lessen your shyness.

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