Exciting jobs for graduating students in the IT sector in 2015

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Graduated or graduating in 2015? Looking for potential careers in the information technology sector?


There are plenty of interesting and exciting opportunities coming your way. This year also seems pretty good for those interested in establishing themselves in the IT industry. There are plenty of high paying career openings in this sector as has been revealed by research. The good news is that these sectors have relatively higher degree of job security, high salaries and lower chances of retrenchment.

One such position is that of the sales engineer. The annual pay is in the 90,000$ range. Your job would be to ensure that the purchases made by the company in the IT area, meets and matches the technical specifications.

Another very important and interesting job option for computer whiz kids out there is in the area of Information Security Analysis. It is challenging. As the war between security defenders and security offenders is constantly evolving, you have to be really clever enough to foresee what kind of security glitches and dangers may occur in future and do something about it. If you are good at it, you will be in great demand. You will be planning and monitoring the security aspects of computer networks and infrastructure for companies.

A third hot and happening job opening, is in the area of UX design. This involves, creating interesting user experience interfaces for people. Your job would be to ensure that the final product appeals to people in the way, they want to.

Other sectors which are expected to show an increase in demand over the next few years include project management, web developer, applications and software engineering, data scientist, security engineer, business data analysts; the maximum growth though is foreseen in the security sector. A security engineer’s job can be worth as much as 100, 000 dollars per year.

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