Division or Classification Assignment

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­An interesting kind of assignment, which many of you may have to undertake as part of your educational course, is the division or classification assignment. They are two different ways in which information can be organised and explained.


Breaking down

If you are trying to understand a complex topic, it would be good to get it broken down into categories. This is what is done in a division assignment. In a division assignment, people/places/events are grouped into categories based on the characteristics they share. This helps in easier understanding of the topics.

Examples of such topics are, for example- when you want to study issues of alcoholism in a population –you may have to chunk it down into different set of categories on the basis of age, sex, class. Writing out such a topic in the form of a division or classification essay, makes it easier to understand and comprehend.

Creating proper categories

The effectiveness of a division essay is determined by the way you go about creating categories. The most important attribute of a successful division/classification essay is that it is important to develop appropriate categories. The categories should be unique. No two categories should overlap each other. To ensure this happens successfully, choose such a topic, which can be divided into subgroups or classifications. For example, if you want to write a paper on sports, which are good for your heart, you can create categories based on kinds of sports and of people playing it. The categories should clearly reflect the theme of the paper.

After doing this, you can write a thesis statement built around these categories with a key issue which connects these categories together. The thesis statement should explain why you are carrying out this organisation. Ensure that you are using a definite organisational pattern as far as your categories are concerned.

The categories should be meaningful and add to the thesis. You should not divide your objects/themes/places/people on basis of trivial differences. For example, if you are talking about sports for heart, you can divide this into categories such as sports for aged and sports for the young as the requirements for vary from group to group. The categorisation should thus aim at bringing together the common points or attributes from the different groups.

The classification assignment can be written in the form of the usual academic formats:- APA, MLA etc. All standard norms of assignment writing have to be followed to ensure good results. You can also seek professional help with your assignment and leave it to our assignment writing service for best results.

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