Diplomatic Studies

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Diplomatic studies assignment help

It is one of the most interesting careers. In fact, if you feel you have it in you and want to become a diplomat, then this course is for you.

Scope of a Diplomat

A diplomat is concerned with the promotion and protection of his country’s interests abroad. In fact he can also advise and support the British ministers at appropriate times in best interest of the UK.

His range of work spans the British citizens working abroad and protection of their interests, work and living conditions, security and welfare.

They keep a watch on the political developments in the host country and advise that government of the British government’s stance on any burning issues. They also keep the British government back home in their loop of any significant current developments.

They also keep abreast of the commercial scene and promote the setting up of British commercial interests or selling of goods within the host country. They also make sure that the local laws do not discriminate against British for providing such services.

They also assist the British citizens who reside in the host country with any help needed. The local citizens of the host country also approach the British embassy.

In the Embassy or High commission, there are diplomatic officers responsible for carrying out the various official duties on a daily basis. These also include basic needs like accommodation, housing and security of British interests. In case of a visit to the host country by the British PM or other high-ranking Politicians, the embassy takes charge of the entire visit and arranges for the same in coordination with the local administration and the police department.

Also, if the ruler of the host nation visits the UK, the diplomat co-ordinates and makes sure that the high level visit is taken care of.

Opportunities for Students of Diplomatic Studies

Apart from aspiring to become a diplomat, you could also find fulfilling careers in the below given job roles:

  • Working in NGOs: Graduates can also find top-level roles in NGOs who need highly qualified persons to run the show.
  • Corporate Companies: Many MNCs require will require their services at the top-level. Their degree will help them acquire job roles as PRO, Marketing managers as well as the top-level jobs. They will be required to represent their company in their best possible way to attract more projects, investment as well as customers.

Required Qualities of a Diplomat

They must be well versed in international affairs.

They must be able to re locate and work in any part of the world

They must be very organized.

They must be self-motivated and be able to instill the same level of motivation in the people who work with them.

They must have good communication skills.

They must have quick thinking and analytical abilities.

They must involve with local communities.

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