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dentistry assignment help

A degree in Dentistry i.e., Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is a 5-year degree which prepares the student to pursue a career in the respected field. This is a combination of clinical and dental sciences and the student achieves this degree after years of study and hard work. Our Dentistry assignment help covers all the relevant topics under the subject.

Career Prospects

Most of the BDS graduates, after 1 or 2 years of vocational training, move on to general dental practice. A very few may choose to get into academics, community service, hospitals, or military as dentists.

Further Studies

After getting a BDS, one can even opt for further studies; one can specialize in subjects like endodontic, orthodontics, etc. One needs to have some dentistry experience entering into a training program after clearing the MJDF or MDFS examinations – which adjudges how much of your knowledge you have actually utilized practically.

Top Universities to Study Dentistry

Based on graduation opportunities, student satisfaction and quality of university’s research, we would like to name the below 5 universities as the best for dentistry studies. They are London, Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle Universities.

Tasks of a Dentist

  1. Telling their patients regarding the importance of oral health care: It is his duty to educate his patients regarding the Do’s and Don’ts of proper oral hygiene. That’s the only way his patients can prevent dental problems in future. Regardless of the treatment he gives, if the patients do not know the basics of oral hygiene, then the treatment is of no consequence.
  1. Examining the teeth of patients using X-rays in order to diagnose their dental condition: Teeth of patients need to be examined in a professional manner. X-rays can also be used for the purpose. It is only after proper diagnosis that the doctor comes to know about the problem at hand and how the patient can be treated.
  1. Discussing treatment options and treatment plans with patients: Once the dentist diagnoses the problem, he discusses it with the patient. The patient is advised regarding the treatment to be given. He also gives the other details like the underlying costs. Based on the patient’s readiness to go ahead with the treatment, the dentist charts the plan and fixes the treatment date.
  1. Carry out dental treatments like the elimination of gum disease and restoration of teeth affected by decay: Once the patient arrives, the dentist gets down to business. The patient is given the required treatment on the fixed date. A follow-up date is suggested in case he is required to come to the next session.
  1. Maintenance of dental records of patients: A separate record is maintained for each patient. Just a glance at the record will give the dentist all details of the person’s dental condition and follow up needed.
  1. Appointment, training and management of other dental staff: Depending on the size of the clinic, support staff are appointed by him.
  1. Keep a stock of the equipment and maintenance of related records: The dentist also has to keep track of the medical or surgical equipment. If any of the equipments is not in stock, they have to be ordered in adequate quantity every month.
  1. Keep updated with the latest happenings in the field of dentistry by Continuing Professional Development (CPD): The dentist has to keep abreast with the latest developments and, therefore, he must constantly upgrade himself.

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