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Cyber security assignment help

A Master’s Degree in Cyber Security enables one to take care of an organisation’s online integrity in the most efficient manner. Most courses, especially advanced, cover prevention, detection, and elimination of cyber threats. One will also be trained in the standard tools used for access and authorization of different modules of the data as well as prevention of theft and data recovery. Cyber security assignment help can come in handy for those who are new to the course and are faced with assignments they have limited idea on.

Cyber Attacks and the Scope of Cyber Security as a Subject: 

A cyber attack is carried out by people with malicious intent, they target organizations, companies or even individuals. The motives can be different. In case of individuals, they are targeted for monetary reasons, and their credit card and other valuable information is stolen and misused. Miscreants gain entry into the person’s laptop by way of viruses. Viruses are usually programmed to sneak into Mobiles, PCs or laptops, in guise of games, or other software add-ons or download.

Cyber attacks can also be carried out against big organisations. The most recent being the EBay Security Breach of 2014, where the data of 145 million customers was affected. This was of a very massive scale and in fact even the customers were not informed about it immediately. The gravity of the crime is evident; it means the bank account information of 145 million customers was at risk of being misused by cyber criminals.

Cyber attacks can also target government organizations, like the case of the NASA theft where a laptop containing identifiable information of 10,000 NASA employees PLUS information on space station control code fell into the wrong hands.

There was another attack by Chinese hackers on NASA’s jet propulsion lab in November 2011, which was another attempt at Cyber crime of the highest proportion. This kind of security breaches are a threat to world security. By now the readers must be pretty clear in their understanding of Cyber Security, and if a breach does happen, it could affect everyone and not just NASA. If large entities like NASA and EBay could be breached, just imagine how vulnerable the smaller companies could be and how important it is, to have strict and fool-proof Cyber Security in place. This only stresses the importance of having Cyber Security professionals in each of the major enterprises, whether government bodies or private companies.

Cyber Security Career Options

There are a lot of opportunities for professionals in the field of Cyber Security, some of which are listed below.

Information Security Specialist: It is their speciality to understand the threats to data and pin point the possible areas of risk.  They study the areas where security breaches have occurred in the past and take steps for rectification of the same. They also determine current areas of risk and checkout how they can be plugged or strengthened.

IT security Manager: He creates plans or strategies to improve the security and reliability of IT projects. He implements company security procedures and policies and sees to it that they are not being ignored.

Security engineer: He is responsible for the production security of a company. He installs firewalls in the systems to fight intrusions. He does testing on various systems and does security assessments. He performs evaluation on new technologies and determines whether they fit the security criteria or not. Recommend what needs to be improved in areas where there is a future security threat.

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The world as we all know is not a safe place to be. However there are law enforcement authorities to prevent and control the spread of violence when it occurs. Similarly, Cyber security means virtual security; it is the security we have in place in case of a different kind of violence also known as Cyber attacks.

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