Business Plan Assignment

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Business plan assignment writing is a requisite part of business studies courses. After all, every future MBA and budding entrepreneur has to get their fundamentals right before they embark on their business career.

Business Plan Assignment Writing

Writing a business plan assignment is an essential step in this direction as it helps you to plan and chart out how you want to see the organisation taking shape. A business plan helps you to get funding for your projects and organisations. It is a monitoring device, which helps you keep track of how your business strategies are coming along; whether the budget and expenses are balanced; whether the different stages of the business are coming along in order.

Ideally, there should be  four parts to a  business plan. They are as follows:

  1. Description of the business-In this part, you would describe in detail about your business. The objectives and goals of the business would be laid out: what the business seeks to achieve and how it would go about it. This part will have to emphasise on what makes your business different from other similar businesses.
  2. How you intend to market your business- In this section, you would describe the kind of strategies you are going to use to promote and market your product. These strategies can be direct or indirect marketing methods; may make use of television, radio, print campaigns and the latest kid on the block, social media methods.
  3. How you will finance your business

Any business plan requires adequate finance to make it feasible. You need to really mention all details of that including projected expenses, profits, and investment required, risks and losses, which may occur. Your detailed projections should cover a couple of years to make it feasible and strong. It should include projections (profits and losses) over the next few years, so that you are financially capable of bearing it. A business plan requires extreme far sightedness in preparation.

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Most importantly, your business plan should provide procedures and methods as to how you are going to ensure that it is successfully run. This includes the standard operation procedures, assignment of functions and hierarchy of organisation, the feedback mechanisms to ensure smooth communication, HR procedures, staffing number and requirements; staff and project management procedures. There should be information provided on various aspects such as legal and taxation matters and how you have.

Once you have collected the required information and organised it, it would be good to present it in a methodical and systematical fashion. The introduction of your essay could be an introduction to the business plan of your company; what your company is about and what you expect following implementation of your business plan.

In short, your business plan should take into account everything that affects the operation of your business. As a student who is specialising in business studies, you may expect to encounter one in the advanced levels of the course. It is best that you learn to practice writing business plan essays so that you can.

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