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An article critique is the critique of an article, usually related to the academic, scientific or literary world, which is based on determining whether the arguments made in the article are justified and supported by valid evidence and facts. So, if you are asked to write an article critique, do not worry; read on to find out how you can make your task easier.

Article critique writing

The crux of writing an article critique revolves around the following points and you need to check whether you are doing it:

  • Identify the chief ideas presented in the article.
  • Evaluate them.
  • Present your own views on these ideas- how valid and reliable they are? How useful and beneficial they are?

What is expected from you

Writing an article critique represents an advanced form of academic assignment. You are expected to demonstrate several key qualities: comprehension, questioning, evaluation, assessment, reasoning, argumentation etc. You are also expected to present your ideas in a form which demonstrates your clear logical thinking as well as using very good power of language.

Therefore, it is not just about reading the article and just saying word for word, what it means, it is also about looking into the underlying issues as well as how have they been conveyed. It is about making a final opinion on whether this article is worthy of criticism.

At the same time, your opinion has to be made on facts. Article critique is not about emotions or groundless criticism. The most important aspect of writing an article critique is that you have to engage with the ideas presented in the scholarly source. The article critique is also meant for an expert audience.

This is in contrast to other reviews such as reviews presented in newspapers and magazines, which are usually, meant for general audience. Some of the qualities, which need to be demonstrated by students while writing an article critique, include:

  • Redefining and interpreting them.
  • Engagement with ideas and principles of their field of specialisation
  • Demonstration of knowledge of a topic
  • Making extensions from them.
  • Analytical perspectives.

Stages of writing an article critique

The article critique writing goes through several processes. The first stage is the stage where you need to identify the main idea of the article. In this stage, you have to mention the ground and context for the issues being discussed. Then you have to mention the main idea. The connection between the background and context and the main idea needs to be clearly established for an effective article. In your critique, you can thus mention whether the ideas being discussed/argued/questioned/validated are in line with the context and background.

The second phase of writing is the evaluation phase. In this phase, you have to evaluate how convincing the arguments are. This means that you need to weigh the statements made and their supporting arguments and check whether each supports the other and the conclusion. You need to check the weight of the arguments and whether they are really assuming correctly. The arguments need to be compared to the main issue- how well are they adding to it? The critical evaluation also requires the writer to compare this article to others and check how reliable and up to date it is as well as whether it makes use of current information.

At the end, the article critique needs to display clearly defined thesis statement, introduction, organised and methodical use of arguments and a strong conclusion.

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