Applied Statistics

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applied statistics assignment help

Statistics is the classification, collection, and analysis of numeric information for purpose of drawing inferences based on their likelihood. One can also assess the performance of the company by studying these ratios. Assignment Help UK provides applied statistics assignment help to students at all levels. Below are some of the fields in which we provide help.

Scope of Applied Statistics Courses

A degree in this field enables a student to have a firm grasp of the basic techniques used in statistics. A student also learns applied physics and mathematics along with statistics. The course will also include foundations of probability, regression and modelling and Bayesian statistics. This basic foundation degree will prepare a student for a career in statistics. The job opportunities are very diverse and interesting.

Jobs in the Field of Statistics

Actuary : He is a nothing but a risk management ‘Guru’. He makes use of his mathematical and statistical understanding to minimize risks and future losses. These are usually helpful for  insurance, healthcare, banking and other sectors where a single decision can affect the company turnover and result in profit or loss.

Forensic Statistician: They are helpful to forensic units to analyse forensic data. They examine the forensic data based on the propositions out forward both by the prosecution as well as the defense and examine the same before coming to conclusions. They also do DNA profiling, where the criminal is identified using body fluids on the scene of crime. The scene of crime may also include body fluids of more persons, then advanced statistical methods are employed to generate concrete results.

Environmental Statistician: They study the environmental data, analyse and interpret it. This data is used  in environmental studies. They also  invent and pass on statistical methods and formulations for the benefit of people doing environmental studies and research.

Statistical Consultant: They provide statistical advice, analysis, support and training to professionals. They are approached by government bodies, health services, educational institutions and people from other fields in order to get statistical research done in a particular field. This is done to collect data based on statistical evidence in order to take future decisions.

Lecturer at University: They provide training to undergraduates on statistics. They teach them statistics along with maths or any other subject like physics and biology and co-relate this subject to statistics for purpose of better understanding of the same.

Teacher at School: You will be teaching statistics along with mathematics to school students. Teaching is certainly the most rewarding profession; you get to deal directly with children – our nation’s future. Giving them skills in statistics will definitely help them in preparing for a good future.

Sports Statisticians: Sports statisticians usually need to be a PhD for getting a research role, but otherwise you just need a degree to get into your role as sports statistician. They are much in demand in the sports as well as the betting industry where sporting averages are considered very significant.

Market Research : This again is a huge arena, with a wide range of opportunities. A statistician collects market data, like number of goods sold, the number which needs to be replaced, which product is in much demand, which product needs a makeover, and will the product makeover affect the price, if it affects the price – by how much does the price need to be increased etc.

Pharmaceutical Statisticians: They, along with Pharmaceutical programmers have a very great role to play in the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacture of drugs. They are responsible right from the identification of chemicals to the manufacture of drugs and their marketing.

Medical Statisticians: They are responsible for creation, design and verification of medical and health research claims which we see in the media. They also monitor disease, study causes of death, detect disease and prevent early deaths if possible.

Government Statisticians: They are employed by the government bodies for conducting various types of research.

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