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american studies assignment help

America is a power to reckon with. This has cast an influence over the rest of the world, be it politics, culture, movies, science & technology, literature or sports. American studies is an in-depth study into the working of a world superpower of great significance. Our American Studies assignment help covers all the above aspects of this subject and more.

Topics Covered by our American Studies Assignment Help Team:

American history: This deals with the study of pre-colonial American history right up to the present day. It also draws parallels with the present day scenario and how the past has affected the present.

American literature: This is the study of American Literature, and its influence on the citizens as well as the world at large.

American political culture: Every country has a set of norms that define its political system. These norms define the relationship between the politicians and the country’s citizens.

American music: Music in America is influenced by diverse cultures, like Scottish, Mexican, Cuban, Irish and West African cultures. Thus, there is a lot of categories into which it can be classified. They are, Hip-hop, blues, reggae, pop, instrumental, techno, salsa, dance etc.

Photography and Visual Culture in the USA: Students in this field, explore US history, its various artifacts, art, popular culture through media like photographs, etc. Students of the visual arts have also taken to social media like twitter, blogging and instagram; they have also taken to consumer culture like fashion, photography, advertising as a means of bridging the gap between technology and culture.

Career Choices in American Studies 

Students of American Studies gain an in-depth understanding about not just American politics, but also culture, literature, science and technology and its pop culture. Such an interdisciplinary study helps students develop their analytical and rhetorical skills. The students’ ability to synthesize a great number of perspectives and get a range of methodologies and approaches on the subject at hand and drawing connections, is a quality that finds favor with prospective employers. Students of American studies can find job opportunities in various fields like journalism, advertising, marketing,media, culture and heritage.

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