Agriculture & Forestry

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A degree in Agriculture & Forestry enables you to manage an agricultural business. Agriculture today is not the same as before; it is changing as per the times. Technology has brought about a lot of conveniences and broadened the horizons. Therefore along with agriculture and forestry,  students are also taught livestock, crop science, agricultural marketing and environmentalism.

Careers in Agriculture and Forestry

Work experience is a must in this field. Hands-on experience is definitely preferred especially when it comes to getting a job.  For that purpose, you can work as a volunteer in any farm during holidays. One may need to go around town, seeking such farms where a volunteer is required to help. A degree in Agriculture and Forestry qualifies one for the below jobs:

Agricultural consultant: They provide consultancy and offer advice for clients regarding how to run their business effectively. They can suggest ways in which the yield can be maximized. Since they have a lot of expertise in this field, Agricultural Consultants can survey the land and advise the future course of action.

Farm manager: The Farm manager takes care of the entire farm, whether it is an agricultural one (vegetables,  cereals )or contains livestock (cows, pigs, horses etc). He has to look into how this business can be improved and made more productive.  He also has to take care of the health of the animals and make sure that they are given healthy food.

 Fish farm manager: He is responsible for breeding and rearing of fish. Fish are usually bred internally. Fishes are also bought from outside, taken care of and sold to interested parties. He is also responsible for their welfare and takes necessary precautions; he also sees to it that their habitats are kept clean.

Rural practice surveyor: A Rural practice surveyor has the strategic expertise regarding rural properties and can advise clients if required. They can also provide consultancy services for real estate. They also advise on how to make the property more productive or the landscape more beautiful. If the land is unused and obviously unproductive the Rural  Practice Surveyor can suggest an alternative activity or business.

Soil scientist: It is for the soil scientist to evaluate the physical, chemical and biological aspects of soil.  From this, we can gather useful information regarding the condition of the soil, environmental influence, climate change, land remediation etc

 Working Environment

 The working environment is unique; it is different from other fields and quite challenging. While working outdoors, one may be exposed to a variety of harsh weather conditions. One may also have to work with animals, therefore it is imperative that one is comfortable to work with them. Working on a farm may also require lifting of heavy equipment, so one must be physically prepared for light to heavy lifting as part of the daily schedule.

One must also be prepared to travel, not just cities, but places with extreme weather conditions like mountains, valleys, deserts, etc. One may also be required to fly to other countries, as part of the job or research. So if one is hoping that this is a 5 day a week job, where the timings are from 9 am to 6 pm, then this field is not for them.

Agriculture and Forestry Assignment Writing Service 

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