Aeronautical Engineering

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Aeronautical Engineering deals with the design, development and manufacture of aircrafts. It also involves the maintenance and constant upgradation of aircraft technology; an Aeronautical Engineers study about how an aircraft’s design can cut costs and also about the environmental implications of air travel.

Scope of Aeronautical Engineers’ Work:

  • Their work involves checking out the design needs of aircrafts
  • Working with team to agree for a budget for the same
  • Carrying out modifications to aircraft as per the deadline specified.
  • Testing and quality check
  • Measuring Aircraft’s performance and improving the same
  • Re-Testing and modification of aircraft and their components as needed.
  • Writing reports and documentation of their work.
  • Analysing and interpreting the data
  • Provide technical advice

Given below is a list of Typical Employers

  • Aerospace and aero-engine companies
  • Airline Companies
  • Research and development companies
  • Contract agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Airline Consultants
  • The Civil Service
  • The Defence Forces

Working Environment

The working environment is also very good. Aerospace Engineers usually work from offices, aeronautical laboratories, aircraft workshops or production hangars. They have to stick to very strict deadlines when it comes to completion of work.

They might need to travel internally within a country, in order to carry out their technical job. Sometimes they may also have to attend international conferences in order to keep abreast with the latest technical advancements in their field. Graduates in this field are highly respected and get high paying jobs in the airline industry. On thing which they cannot afford is taking long career breaks, since they have to keep up with technology which keeps advancing rapidly.

Additional Skills Needed for Aeronautical Engineers as written below:

Good analytical, mathematical and problem-solving skills: This is very especially necessary when it comes to the job at hand. If there is a technical issue with the aircraft in the hangar or workshop, one should have great analytical skills to isolate the problem and solve it.

Ability to think creatively: An engineer has to have an open mind. He must be able to think out of the box. Although this can be difficult especially with regard to the tight deadlines that people in the airline industry they are subjected to.

Technical competency: One must be technically very good for doing the job. He must be proficient and possess the skills for the job – whether or not they have been taught to him during his degree course.

Safety to be one’s first priority: Although one may work on different aspects of an aircraft, safety should always be on one’s mind; one must take precautions to see that safety (of both the aircraft and the workplace) is never compromised in the line of duty.

Competency in oral and written communication: Communication is a must in any industry, and the aeronautical industry is not far behind either. Proper communication leads to productivity at workplace.

Constant technical up-gradation: This again, is applicable to all fields; one must constantly upgrade oneself with the latest technical knowledge in the given field. That way one can gain the trust of peers and secure one’s place in the organization and in the hearts of people up the hierarchy.

Time Management Skills: Given the tight deadlines in the aeronautical industry, one has to deliver services on time – that includes maintenance and repairs. If this not taken care of – it can even lead to losses.

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