Admission to Baccalaureate Studies

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The International Baccalaureate program is a globally accepted international education program, which is unique and distinctive, in its aim to shape the overall development of the child, in contrast to other traditional academic programs. The academic requirements and curriculum are very rigorous and admission to this program is considered to be very prestigious.


This is because the curriculum followed is independent of government educational systems, is unique and thus makes the best use of all advanced educational expertise. One of the criteria for admissions is an entrance assignment. The applicant is expected to write an essay in around 500-600 words on why he is best suited for the program and why he or should be considered for it.

Start early!

The aim of the assignment is to showcase to the conductors of the program, the qualities you have, demonstrate the attributes and convince them that you have the abilities and the preparation to pass through IB. Hence, if you are aiming to apply for the Baccalaureate program, you should not leave the assignment till the last minute. You should have done your preparation and research into what should or should not go into your essay as early as possible. Start months in advance, and collect all the possible information which can and must go into your assignment to make it as impactful as possible.

What your assignment should contain

Your assignment should focus on the following- an introduction as to who you are and why you are writing the assignment. The body of the essay–which goes into specifics. And finally, the conclusion. The introduction is where you would introduce yourself briefly and provide the context for what is to follow.

This is where you would mention that you are introducing yourself as a possible candidate for the IB program. You would mention in brief the qualities which qualify you for this position. You can make your introduction and unusual in a way which can capture the attention of the reader and make them sit up straight- at the same time, you do not need to overdo it as artificiality can easily be seen through.

You can start with a brief history of yourself, your life, where you have lived and what experiences you have been through which has enriched your life and added to what you are today. This is important, as the more personal the essay is, the better you would be able to convey and project an image of yourself to the audience- which is genuine, convincing and impressive.

You can describe your passion for academics/arts./sports excellence and what are your future goals and ambitions. IT is very important to describe your interests and your talents. The more and diverse interests and talents you have, the better-rounded your personality would be and the better impression you would be able to generate on your examiners.

In addition, display of awareness and knowledge of other cultures as well as living in a multicultural environment would be an added bonus as that is one of the pre-requisites of being a baccalaureate scholar- you are an international student, who should be able to go places.

The conclusion should be fitting; you should be able to wrap up the whole essay , emphasising the key points and how doing the IB will help you contribute in a very effective way to the world.

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