Why being a student ambassador is a valuable experience for students

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If you are a student and you like being a mentor for future generation of students, then student ambassadorship is one experience which can really be of great use to you. Being a student ambassador can be a very life changing experience.

Student ambassaador

A student ambassador , by definition, is one who serves as a conduit between the student community and the external world as per Curtin University. By working as a student ambassador, you really do a lot of good by ensuring that your universty experience can be used to help new students and future students welcome the prospect of studying in an university.

What do student ambassadors  do?

They can help the university and people outside the university in numerous ways. They help to provide exposure about the university and what it does to interested outsiders. They bring information about the realities of university life and its importance to young people in schools.

They organise various events and fun filled activities which help to bring the university world to life in the eyes of outsiders. They can give presentations and talks about their own experiences in campus. Often, the standard advertising material used by institutions may get a cold reception but the impact of a student ambassador on minds can be quite impressive.

What do they get in return?

Yes, it is hard work. Yes, you may need to spend time and effort out of your valuabel coursework time to help out the faculty in conducting these activities. But the experience is invaluable and will enrich your life.

First of all, volunteering for a student ambassadorship position is a measure of your leadership abilities- it indicates willingness to take responsibility, it also shows your interest in communication (a very essential skill in the world).

In addition, by taking part in such programs, students get to meet and interact with senior most officials within college and outside of it; thus, it gives them opportunities to build contacts for future careers.

It teaches you valuable work related skills which will help you in the working world- communciation, team work, listening skills, event management qualities. More importantly, it is a great way of being a leader for the young, for inspiring them to join a place, which in your eyes, has high standards and provide quality education.

Student ambassadorships are often available from school onwards and they can provide you advantage at the academic level. You can earn points which go into your leadership and extracurricular activities

What qualities do you need  to be a student ambassador?

You need to be curious and possess the attitude of taking up new challenges. You should be friendly and enjoy interacting with people. Service-orientation is a desirable attitude along with the aim to do the best and keep pushing yourself higher and higher.

You should be comfortable meeting and interacting with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. You should enjoy reading and being comfortable with a wide variety of subjects. As a student ambassador, you may need to pass an interview and also obtain recommendations or be nominated for the position.

Image source: By U.S. Department of State [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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