Great ways to earn some extra income during term time

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Thinking about how to make ends meet during your campus life? There are ways to not let the exorbitant expenses dampen your spirit. Indeed, many students can testify to the fact that a great way to enjoy and fund your studies at universities would be to earn and support yourself.

After years of dependency on your parents, this would be the best way of getting that much needed self- independence. And you do not need to go bent knees for that allowance.

So, scroll down and check out some really great ways to push up your resources.

Take up part time jobs in your campus

A cool way of remaining on campus as well as earning in your spare time is to look out for openings in your department or hostel or canteen or student service center- depending on the kind of roles you are interested in. You will be able to earn good amounts of money without leaving the comfort of your campus

 Online surveys

This is for the really lazy students out there. If you want to earn some extra fund from the comforts of your room, try this out. Participate in online surveys or research carried out by various marketing and other research companies. You will find yourself earning suitable perks and cash gifts. No hard work, a few pages or forms to fill and that free gift or voucher is yours.

If you are the fun loving kind and do not want to restrict yourself to campus, you can try out for off –campus jobs.

This may provide you the exposure which you need, friends to share your social life with, and of course the requisite pounds. Check your interests and match the job profile which interests you- this includes openings for bar tenders, baby sitters, assistants in libraries and book shops, assistants to chefs and restareuteurs etc


If you are the business kind, you can thinking of doing some smart investments using your little investment. You do not need the help of brokers for this. Everything is online including the stock exchange. Once you understand the nitty gritties and the logistics involved, you can carry out your own online share transactions. Clever thinking can help you earn a lot from a little.


If you are a lover of words and letters, than blogging through online sites is a great way of not only doing something you enjoy- writing- but also, earning some good cash through it. Keep in mind though, that you need to have the skills to write and you may need to do it regularly to make it worth your while.

Whacky jobs

If you want to really try your hand at some whacky jobs, you can try out acting as a TV extra, a mystery shopper, sell posters and advertisements using your own vehicle as the banner board. These odd jobs will give you a different experience as well as  help you with the necessary funds.

So, all it takes is to know what you want and do a little scouting around. You will be sure to lay your hands on that interesting part time job!

And last but not the least, invest in a cost effective tutoring/assignment writing service. You do not want to avail pricey and unreasonably prices assignment writing services, which could be a dent on your pocket.

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