Privacy Policy

We value your privacy a great deal. In order to be of service to you with a full complement of better security options, we offer you this notice which contains a detailed account of the way our online data processes work and your inclination about how we collate this information and use your personal information. This information can be found on our Home Page and at all such places where this kind of exclusive information regarding individuals is required to be.

Google is a third party commercial seller here that uses our entire information derived from cookies to pass on to advertisements for us. The use of DART cookies helps Google send specific advertisements to those of its guests visiting this site and others. How one should follow up with clients who use DART cookie strategies come under the strict purview of Google’s personal privacy policies.

If any other tertiary party advertisement ad systems or servers uses cookies to trace client actions on this site to find out how useful advertisements are and for any other reason, it can be found in separate privacy policies. However, this website does not have any right of entering or any sway over cookies used by third party advertisers.

When credit card transactions are performed, they go through a safe-to-use server and the corresponding transaction data is thrown out when the job is complete. We use the most modern Internet technology to keep it safe from any illegal activities, which makes it possible to maintain precise data. Despite this if there are any fraudulent credit card deals because of illegal credit cards, such information will be reported to those in charge immediately.

Collating individual data
A visitor to our website will have his IP address recorded with the date and time that he clocked in here. This information is vital to rate future site developments and to look after the website, keep a record of all client activity and gather large tracts of demographic data to modify. It is also important to note that all IP addresses whose details are recorded on our site are not necessarily linked to individuals’ exclusive information.

Linking with other websites
To give further wings to your convenience, we have added some links and references on our website. Despite this, we cannot be made accountable for individual privacy policies. It is pertinent to point out here that there could be differences between our private policy and theirs, so please check them periodically.

Altering the Privacy Policy
Changes to this privacy policy lie in our domain and can be done at our sole discretion. To know of any such changes, please ensure you visit our site from time to time.

Refund Policy
Despite our best efforts at providing our clients with 100% satisfaction, there are odd moments when a client is unhappy with the order he receives. For this reason, we have set up a Refund Policy, the details of which are outlined below:

A. We agree to make a full refund of the client’s fee if:

1. The order is delivered beyond the date expected without the client’s permission and without discussing a date with him
2. The essay proves to be plagiarised or copied
3. The client’s stated instructions are not obeyed in full and the writer hasn’t been able to revise it to the former’s satisfaction, despite repeated requests
4. Within five days of delivery, the client can obtain a refund. Our Quality Control Team is asked to verify the request and if found to be true, the refund is made within 10 working days. This team’s decision is final and enforceable. After a processing fee of 10% is deducted, the refund will be made.

B. A partial refund is made if:

1. The refund is asked for within 12 hours of requesting for a product, a 20% deduction will be made.
2. The refund is asked for within 24 hours of requesting for a product, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.
3. The refund is asked for within 36 hours of requesting for a product, a 75% cancellation fee will be charged.
4. If the refund is requested after 48 hours, no refund will be made.